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Give Up Smoking With Yoga!

The following article based on how Katy Murrell gave up smoking with Yoga
which was featured in The Marshwood Vale Magazine in September 2007.

DORCHESTER based Yoga teacher, Katy Murrell, believes that Yoga could well offer assistance in helping people give up smoking. She remembers how she felt when she wanted to give up smoking. She began by asking some serious questions. Was she getting enough exercise? Was she able to relax? What was she doing with her life? Was she being honest with her feelings?

These are all questions that many of us ask at some point in our lives. For Katy the answer cames with Yoga. She took up Yoga and began to meditate on these questions, specifically the questions on how she would give up smoking. She enjoyed the feel of the packet and the crackle of the paper as she unwrapped it. "I loved sliding one out of the packet and slipping it in my mouth" said Katy. "I loved the click of the lighter, adored every single inhalation and exhalation. I even liked tapping the ash and stubbing out the butt. How could anyone not smoke?" she wondered, "But no one seemed to agree with me".

Katy became a solitary smoker and thought a lot. She says she watched the clouds go by and the trees blowing in the wind, she watched the tide come in and looked at the stars till after midnight. Then one day she found all the answers to all the questions and following this, decided she simply did not want to smoke any more!

Whether you're keen to give up smoking or simply feel the need to relax more, Yoga may well offer some answers...

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Katy Murrell received the Shiatsu International Certificate in 1998
Katy Murrell received the Academy of On-Site Massage Certificate in 1997
 Katy Murrell received the British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Certificate in 1993
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